No Time For Sleep (Freestyle) Lyrics

No Time For Sleep (Freestyle) Lyrics

Ain’t got no time for sleep

Waste so much money on mind ain’t got no time for me
Shawty call me all the time, and say she tired of me
I know that I pop a lot and smoke a lot of weed
And I don’t pay her any mind when I be countin’ rich
Baby, I’m busy on the road, I need some time to breathe

They had me locked up in the pens, doin’ twenty-three
So I be stankin’ mr. Ben ’til he twenty-three
A lof of, a lot of ms in my twenty-three
Bih .45 on my waist, I’m with my ven aquí Bih, .45 on my waist, don’t gotta turn the key
Bih, .45 on my waist, I’m in my bentley jeep Bih, turned that fire on them nias, they was twenty-three If I put that iron on them nias, thеy remember mе
If you heard we slidin’ on them nias, they make memories If I put that iron on them nias, they remember me
If you heard we slidin’ on them nias, they make memories Chopper, chopper, brr, brand new chopper out to tear bodies Pj, got a thirty and extenders in this handglock I’m gettin’ get rich as fk, I’m just tryna keep my man out
Gave my bro a dub, we been coadie since the sandbox
Huh, you say it’s love, why your hands up?
Huh, you say it’s love, why your hands up?
They got they hands up and she always got her pants down
They said I stand out, then she tell me I’m the man now

Yeah, and this bih always got her pants down, yeah They tryna kill me for my bands now, for my mans now Tryna kill me for queso, fill the tan up Tryna kill me for the lamb’ now I got a chopper with a stain now I bought the chopper with a stain now I ain’t playin’ ’round, nias fk around where they live at I’ma tear it down, from their friends to their grandma I’ma hit him in the jailhouse, I’m gon’ him til the tec stop Blow the best spot, I’ma hit him in his yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah I hit the nia, now his man hot
I hit the nia ’til the jail hot I got the chopper with the stain now, bih, I ain’t playin’ ’round
Send the money in advance, this sound like a band yah
From the bustin’ on my (baw, baw, baw)
When I’m bustin’ on my (baw, baw, baw)
When I’m bustin’ off the chance, I’m so off them yams
I done kept them thirties in the gram, bustin’ open, no repent
You know my ni**as are from jail right
They get money, ’cause they some [?]I got the kilos in the mans spot, they in the spot hide
Hit the .40, get the block hot, I make you black out

So tell these nias don’t touch [?], so hungry off the powder I’m in the kitchen with these choppers, I quick the pop, yeah Nia play, he gettin’ shot up, head top off
And you know my hits are mighter, in the spider
Nias play, they gettin’ shot up Brr, I got a chopper in the chopper Brr, I got a chopper in the chopper You fk with bobby, you fk with me, go get your doctor Go get your papi, go get your mother and your mama (lil bih)
And I’ma go and get my llama
And we gon’ do it on the floor seat, fk what you want, g We can do it like some doggies right on the concrete And I’ma show you how a dog be Yeah, she only like me ’cause I’m flossy She only like me ’cause the office, these nias bossy
I bought the choppers with the tati, you takin’ losses
I’m in the jet havin’ orgies
I used to shoot up nias porches, g I’m in the jet havin’ orgies, fk what you saw g
I used to shoot up nias porches, g with torches, g Now we lit, we havin’ orgies Brr, tell them hoes don’t record me Brr, ayy, you know ain’t no one hard as me No one is dawg as me, no one can take control of me No skin as dark as me These nias ain’t got no heart like me
I heard the nias tryna spot the g Please, bih, had me come up on the parkin’ lot
In the parkin’ spot
Hit the nia right in the parkin’ spot right in the parkin’ lot You know these nias like to talk a lot
Ssh, oh, he ain’t tell you that he coughed a lot?
Brr, oh, they ain’t tell you that they coughed a lot?
Say “fk you talkin’ ’bout?” say “fk that st” Nia, I’m from [?] and that, we them doggies out
Me and him dogs, we like to bark a lot
Yeah, and it just rappin’, dawg, yeah
And I like my voice, ’cause this just rappin’ dawg
Half of this spazzin’ dawg
And used to play games, I start spazzin’ dawg
Don’t start with this ratchet though
Make me put you on game and clap it off
I slap any nia and slap it off, bow You see just how tough I slap it off Heard that you backin’ off Nias put on and I’m just backin’ off
And then I just slapped it off
Hit that ratchet off, brr
Watch me, big puy, back him off Brr, now watch this ratchet back the puy off
I dropped them, I slapped them off
You see his response, we slap him off
Watch me clap it off
First deal nia (what) First talk, first dead nia
First nia talk, first catch a round, nia
From the ounce, nia Play with me, it’s goin’ down, nia
Lay him down, nia, from his motherfkin’ squad, nia Make up your face like you died, nia
Brr, go fk around and catch a shot, nia
You know I’m hot, nia, play with me, that’s on the spot He dropped his shots, bleed, everybody gettin’ shots, nia
Brr, .45 and the glock, nia Brr, yeah, they know I’m a hot nia, hit your block, nia Keep the .30 in the car, we gon’ get you shot, nia
Fkin’ with me like you die, nia
They made these pussies talk a lot, nia Until I catch him on the spot, nia
Make a shot, nia, with the .30 in the glock Walk his block, nia, catch him in the parkin’ lot, nia Dub, and I’m gon’ get ’til I’m parred, nia
Hood, they fk with me, then they gon’ get parred, nia
They get parred, nia, quick, fast Get ’em sparked, nia, put the heart, nia Play for keeps, who you are, nia (what)
Big gang st ’til the morn’, nia
Big gang st ’til the night, nia
That’s your life, nia Play with us, we gs9, nia
Hit you twice, nia Hit you three times in your eyes, nia
Brr, shootin’, shootin’, nias blind, nia
Brr, he only got two on his right, nia, to slide, nia
We got two up on his side, nia Hit his side nia, soon
Hit him in the ride, nia Brr, right in his head, right in his side, nia
Brr, ha ha ha ha
Dread nia, yeah They fk with me, they know I’m crip nia They play with me, they know it’s lit, nia
Give a six nia, right you right infront your bih, nia Grip the click, nia, drums hanging off the whip, ni**a, brr

Written by:
Vito, AmDesp, Tweek Tune, Bobby Shmurda